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The Approved PERM Labor Certification
Cases for Various Positions and Professions

1. The PERM Approval for Various Positions and Professions

The DOL has stated that the processing times for PERM cases are approximately 45 to 60 days. These timeframes are measured from the time the case is filed with the DOL. There is work that has to be completed prior to the filing of a PERM case. This work, including recruitment efforts, generally takes three to four months.

The PERM approval cases have spanned a range of occupations. They include computer professionals, as well as professions such as teachers and engineers. Each case is different and the possibility of success must be assessed individually. Following examples explain requirements for the various positions and professions, and the issues to be addressed in these types of PERM cases. 

1) PERM Approval for a Programmer Analyst

The job duties of a programmer analyst include: analyze and evaluate existing or proposed programs; plan and devise computer programs and related procedures to process data; prepare charts and diagrams to assist in problem analysis, and submit recommendations; develop logic flowcharts; and test, debug, and install operating programs and procedures. The programmer analyst position required that the employee hold a bachelor's degree and two years of experience as a minimum job requirement. The case was filed under the EB3 category.

2) PERM Approval for a Software Engineer 

The job duties for a software engineer include: design, develop and configure computer software systems according to client specifications; write program specifications, forms and interfaces; test new interfaces to optimize computer system workflow; generate end-user feedback and implement changes; and test to ensure integration. The PERM case is approved for a software engineer position for which the employer required the minimum of a bachelor's degree and 2 years of experience.

3) PERM Approval for a Information Systems Manager

The duties of a Information Systems Manager include: manage, direct and review the work of other consultants; evaluate system requirements and specifications and recommend improvements; manage and develop product direction, specifications and implementation; customize and test all systems; and configure new business computer software systems according to client specifications. The PERM case for professionals require print advertisement plus three additional forms of recruitment from a list outlined by the DOL. 

4) PERM Approval for a Physician

Physicians can also file PERM labor certification. In this case, a hospital is the employer. The employer was offering a position within their organization for a Physician. The SWA determined the prevailing wage based upon the position. The foreign national was fully qualified for the job, based upon a foreign medical degree, a three-year U.S. residency program, and a state medical license in the state where the job was offered. The required advertisement effort included one Sunday advertisement in a newspaper of general circulation and one Journal of Medicine.

5) PERM Approvals for a Teacher

Many educational institutions have connection with immigration matters. These include teachers at the elementary and secondary levels and specialized schools, as well as college or university teaching faculty. A PERM case is approved for a teaching position that required two years of experience, and certification. The case was approved within 40 days. 

6) PERM Approval for a Product Manager

A PERM case is approved for an employee in a position of a Product Manager, the employer required a bachelor's degree and five years of experience. The alternative qualification was a master's degree and three years of experience. The business necessity argument was not needed, because the DOL considers these to be normal, standard requirements for this occupation. The case was filed under EB3 and was approved within 37 days. 

7) PERM Approvals for a Financial Analyst

In a case for the position of a Financial Analyst, the employer required either a master's degree and one year of experience, or a bachelor's degree and three years of experience. Also acceptable as a qualification for the position was any equivalent combination of education or experience. The case was approved without an audit. 

8) PERM Approvals for a Graphic Designer

In a position classified as nonprofessional, a PERM case is approved for a Graphic Designer. The position required two years of experience. As a nonprofessional position, recruitment beyond the two Sunday print advertisements was not required. The PERM case was approved in two weeks under EB3.

2. More Examples of PERM Approved within 60 Days

  • Application Developer:  EB-3 BS in Electrical Engineering, 1 years of experience; 

  • Application Designer: EB-2 BS in Engineering, 3 years of experience; 

  • Architect Designer: EB-3 BS in Architecture, 2 years of experience; 

  • Assistant Professor: EB-2 PhD in Mathematics, 1 years of experience;

  • Electrical Engineer: EB-3 BS in EE, 2 years of experience; 

  • Financial Analyst: EB-2 MBA, 0 experience; 

  • Graphic Designer: EB-3 in Engineering, 1 year of experience; 

  • Computer Programmer: EB-2 Master Degree in Computer Science, 4 months of experience; 

  • Civil Engineer: EB-3 Bachelor Degree equivalent in Civil Engineering, 2 years of experience; 

  • High School English Teacher: EB-2 MA in English, 1 years of experience; 

  • Product Manager: EB-3 BS in Marketing, 1 year of experience; 

  • Mechanical Engineer: EB-3 BS in Mechanical Engineering, and 2 years of experience;

  • Fund Analyst: EB-3 MBA, 1 years of experience;

  • Environmental Engineer: EB-2 Master Degree in Environmental Engineering, 2 years of experience;

  • Financial Analyst: EB-2 MBA, 3 months of experience; 

  • Research Associate: EB-2 Master Degree in Neurobiology,  6 months of experience; 

  • IT Project Manager: EB-2 BS in Engineering and Computer Science, and 5 years of experience;

  • Project Engineer: EB-2 MS in Industrial Engineering, 9 months of experience; 

  • Transportation Engineer: EB-3 Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering, 6 months of experience; 

  • Systems Analyst: EB-3 BS in Computer Science, and 6 months of experience; 

  • Programmer Analyst: EB-3 Bachelor Degree in Engineering, and 1 year of experience; 

  • Intern Engineer: EB-3 BS in Civil Engineering, and 3 months of experience; 

  • Network Security Administrator: EB-3 BS in Information System, and 6 months of experience; 

  • Special Education Teacher: EB-3 Bachelor Degree in Education, and 9 months of experience; 

  • Environmental Engineer: EB-2 Master Degree in Civil Engineering,  and 1 year of experience; 

  • Development Specialist: EB-3 Bachelor Degree in Psychology, and 2 year of experience; 

  • Sr. Project Manager: EB-2 Bachelor Degree in Architecture, and 2 year of experience; 

  • Staff Scientist: EB-2 PhD in Imaging Science, and 9 months of experiences; 

  • Project Manager: EB-2 Bachelor Degree in Electronics Engineering, and 10 months of experience.


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