What Options are Available to my Employer Who
Disagrees with the Prevailing Wage Determination?

Dr. William:

My employer filed a Prevailing Wage request form for my Labor Certification, and recently we got the Prevailing Wage Determination from the State Department of Labor. My employer believes that the determined Prevailing Wage is high based on skill level assigned to the job position. What options are available to my employer who disagrees with the State Department of Labor's prevailing wage determination?


If your employer disagrees with the skill level assigned to its job opportunity by the State Department of Labor, or if the State Department of Labor informs the employer its survey is not acceptable, the employer is afforded an opportunity to provide supplemental information to the State Department of Labor. 

Additionally, the employer may choose to file a new request for a Prevailing Wage determination, or request review by the Certifying Officer.









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