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How a Job Change May Impact My Approved Form I-140 Application?
The Procedure to Get Green Card after the Petition is Approved but I am outside U.S.? 
Form I-140 Priority Date Retention for Subsequent Employment-Based Petition
Can I Transfer the Approved Form I-140 Petition to a New Employer?
Date For Filing vs. Final Action Date, the Two-Tiered Visa Bulletin
Can I Upgrade My Green Card Application Case from EB3 to EB2 Category?
Request For Evidene from USCIS for Employer's Ability to Pay
Can I File a U.S. Green Card Application for Myself?
Draft Labor Certification Carefully to Avoid Problems at the Form I-140 Application
How to Prove a Foreign Degree Deemed Equivalent to U.S. Bachelor’s Degree
Can I File a Motion to Reopen or Motion to Reconsider after Form I-140 Denial?
After PERM Application Approval, How Long the I-140 Petition Process Will Take?
How to Effectively Organize the Evidence Accompanied with Form I-140 Petition
The Green Card Application Process after the PERM Labor Certification Approval
The Procedure of Form I-140 Petition by Using USCIS' E-Filing
What Happens to My Labor Certifications Filed by the Predecessor Company?
How to Qualify for EB2 - Members of the Professions Holding Advanced Degree
Applying for US. Green Card in the Category of EB2 with a BS Degree
Do I Need to File Form I-864 as an Affidavit of Support?
When Is the EB2 Category Mentioned in My Green Card Application Process?
When We Can Get Our A#, and What It Is Used for?
What Are the Current Application Fees for Form I-485, Form I-765, and Form I-131?
Can I Use AC-21 Rule to Change Employer before I-140 Approval?
As a Tourist with B-2 Visa, Can I File Green Cad I-140 Application in United States?
What Is the A Number? and What Is the Difference between A Number and SSN?
Does My Sponsoring Employer Has to Withdraw My I-140 or Inform USCIS?
Can I Begin to Search for New Job, or Change Employer if Possible?
Should I Appeal My I-140 Denial to AAO or Refile I-140?
My Company Is in Financial Trouble, Would this Impact My I-140 Green Card Process?
Do I Need to File an Appeal, or File a Motion to Reopen or Reconsider my I-140 Petition?
RFEs Requesting Additional Evidence from the Employer of Its Ability to Pay
A Substitute for Educational Degree Requirement is not Acceptable in EB-2 I-140 Application
Why the USCIS Still Have Question of My Job Qualification after the Labor Certification Approval?
Can I Use the EAD and Advanced Parole After Charging My Job?
It Is Important to maintain H-1B Status rather than Using EAD
Reply the Request for Evidence and Your I-140/ I-485 Applications Status
About the Form I-140 and Form I-485 Processing and Adjudication Delay
After My J1 Waiver Approval, Can I File I-140/I-485 First and H1B Later on?
The Corporate Changes by Merger or Acquisition with no "Successor-in-interest" Nature
I Am not Sure I Should File an Appeal to AAO, or I Should Refile I-140 Application
The Priority Date Is not Transferable Between the Spouses
Can I File Multiple I-140 Petitions in Different Immigration Categories?
Can My Wife apply for Green Card by Herself as a Registered Nurse?
Borrow the Priority Date from the EB-2 Labor Certification to File the EB-3 Concurrent I-140/I-485 Application
Can I Possibly Stay in the U.S. and Wait for Adjusting Status?
Employer Must Show Ability to Pay Prevailing Wage from the Year the Labor Certification Was Filed
With a H-4 Visa, May I File I-140 Application as a Registered Nurse?
Does the Proposed Regulation Change on Labor Certification Substitution Will Affect My Case?
I Want to Know if I Can Take This Job Without Affecting the Pending Green Card Process
Is There any Way to Save My Labor Certification and the Approved I-140?
What is the Specific Law Interpretation for the Extended H-1B Visa after the Possible I-485 Denial?
If I file I-485 Now, May I Change My Current Job After 180 Days?
What Will Happen for My I-485 Application if My Company Has to Relocate Me?
Is It Possible to Transfer My Earlier Priority Date to My New I-140 Application?
Do I Have to Have a New Job or Job Offer for My I-485 to Get Approved?
May I Take the Advantage of AC21 Portability to Change Employer?
What else I Need to Know Before Send out the I-140 Petition Materials to Avoid Rejection or an RFE?
The Labor Certification Sets Forth Minimum Qualifications for a Position
The One-year Increment Extension of H-1B Beyond 6 Years
May I Quit My Current Job and Work as an Independent Contractor After I-140 Approval?
Under AC-21 Law, Can I Change Employer More Than One Times?
What Happens If My I-140 Application Is Revoked Before It Is Approved?
For the Labor Certification, the Employer Needs to Prove its Ability to Pay the Prevailing Wage
I Want to Know What Date is My Priority Date
When is the Appropriate Time to File the H-1B 7th Year Extension?
The Employer's Withdrawal of the I-140 Petition
Do I Have to Get I-140 Petition Approval First for the EAD Application?




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