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William's Answers to Request For Evidence
Questions and Other RFE Related Issues

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How Could I Meet the "Extraordinary Ability" Standard for RFE Resonse of O-1 Visa?
The RFE Notice Said that I Do not Meet Two Criteria of EB-1A Application
How to Well Prepare the Green Card Petition to Avoid an Request for Evidence?
How to Response the RFE Request for Judging the Work of Others?
Request For Evidence (RFE) for National Interest Waiver Petition Is Not Uncommon
How to Assemble and Send My RFE Response to USCIS?
How to Act Swiftly in Responding to an Request for Evidence?
How to Reply the NIW RFE Request for Ability to Serve U.S. National Interest?
What Is the Difference between the Request for Evidence and Notice of Intent to Deny?
Request For Evidence Notice for Form I-140 Immigrant Visa Application
Please Help Me to Understand the RFE, and Let Me Know What I Should Do?
Reference Letters for National Interest Waiver Application, and "Self-Serving" Argument in RFE Cases of NIW
How Could I Explain My Significance of Accomplishments for RFE of EB1 Extraordinary Ability Application?
NIW Petition - Addressing all the NYSDOT Case's Prongs Separately
The "Two-Step Approach" and RFE for EB1-Extraordinary Ability Petition
How to I Reply the RFE for the Question of L-1B Visa with Specialized Knowledge?
Can I Use AC-21 Rule to Change Employer before I-140 Approval?
The Test of NYSDOT Third Prong for EB2-National Interest Waiver Petition
Can I File Another I-140 Petition during an NIW Appeal Pending Period?  
Can I Use My PhD Time Counting towards the 3-Year Experience for EB1-OR Application? 
Does It Weaken My EB1-OR Case If My Employer Is a Small Start-up Company? 
EB1 Request for Evidence Question of Judging the Work of Others
Any Suggestions to Reply the Request For Evidence Letter from USCIS for my EB1-EA Application?
Should I Appeal My I-140 Denial to AAO or Refile I-140?
The Difference of 'Additional Evidence' and the 'Initial Evidence' for a RFE
RFEs Requesting Additional Evidence from the Employer of Its Ability to Pay
RFE of NIW - Establishing that Your Current Work is in U.S. National Interest
Reply the Request for Evidence and Your I-140/ I-485 Applications Status
Is There any Way to Predict or Prevent a "Request for Additional Evidence" (RFE) from USCIS? 
Does the Requirement of NIW Become more Difficult These Days?
What Should I Do for the NIW Request for Evidence Notice with Incorrect Last Name?
The Employment Letter for RFE (Request For Evidence) of EB1-EA Petition 
I am Really Confused for the Meaning of the Request For Evidence Letter
What else I Need to Know Before Send out the I-140 Petition Materials to Avoid Rejection or an RFE?
Submit New Research Project Documents for I-140 NIW Petition
Should I Ask the USCIS Service Center to Transfer my I-485 Case to Another Service Center? 
Maintaining the H-1B Nonimmigrant Status Rather Than Sitting on the EAD Status
What Will Happen for My I-485 Application If My I-140 Application Is Disapproved?
I Got "Request for Additional Evidence" Notice From USCIS, But My H-1B Will Expire



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Request For Evidence (RFE) for Green Card and Visa Application
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