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The Evidence to Prove the Managerial Capacity for L1A Visa Application 
The Grace Period for a Visa Holder After Employment Terminated 
H-1B or L1 Visa Holder Travelling outide the United States with Pending I-485 Application
L1 Petition Should Establish the Qualifying Relationship with the Beneficiary's Foreign Employer
The L1 Visa One-Year Foreign Employment Requirement
Can I Change My Nonimmigrant Status to O-1 After Green Card Application
Can I Change to Other Visa Type After Being Laid Off
No Official Grace Period for L1 Visa Holder After Employment Terminated
The L-1  Petitions for Multiple Employees by the Same Employer
Can A Qualifying Company for L1 Visa Application Be a Partnership?
The Business Plan for L1 Visa Application of New Office Openning in U.S.
How to Apply for L-1 Visa to Start a New Business in the Unied States?
New Fees for H-1B Status and L-1 Visa/Status Petition
The Dual Intent for H-1B Visa and L-1 Visa Application
L1B Visa Worker's Specialized Knowledge and USCIS' Restrictions
Do I Need to Apply for L-1A Visa? What Are the Advantages to Have L-1A Visa?
The L-1B Visa for Alien Workers with Specialized Knowledge
Why Would the USCIS Conduct a Site Visit for Alien Workers in H-1B, L-1, or O-1 Status?
The H-1B Visa and L Visa are Nonimmigrant Visa with "Dual Intent" (10/05/2014)
Can I Continue to Work for My L-1B Employer after My H-1B Status Approval?
Can I Work for an Employer Other than the L-1 Visa Sponsor?
Does My Time Spending in H-1B Visa Count toward the L1A Visa Time Limit?
L-1 Visa Qualification for Employee of an Affiliate Company
How to Bundle Together the L-1 Petitions for Multiple Employees by the Same Employer
Can I Continue to Work for the New Employer with My L-1 Status?
What Is the Exact Definition of "Branch Office" for the L Visa Application?
How to Understand and Fill the Part 6 of the Form I-129 for H-1B, L-1, O-1 Visa Application?
How to I Reply the RFE for the Question of L-1B Visa with Specialized Knowledge?
What Should I Know for the L-1A Extension RFE Request of "Organizational Charts"?
The Documents Required to Apply for L1A Visa to Open New Office in U.S.
Is It Possible to Transfer from L-1 Visa to H-1B Visa Without Waiting
I Want an H-1B Because of the Green Card, and My L-1 Employer Won't Sponsor Me
Apply for L-1A Visa or H-1B Visa? and What Are the Advantages to Have L-1A Visa?
Are There Any Advantages of L-1 Visa over E-2 Visa?
May I Change My Visa from H1 to L-1, So I Can Work for This Company?
Can I Recapture L-1A Visa Time, so I May Still Have Time to file EB-1 Application
Is the Company Obliged to Get L-1 Visa Holder a Return Air Ticket to the Home Country?
Your Must be Hired by a Foreign Company at Least One Year During Last Three Years
Are There Other People on L-1 Visa Who Are Participating in 401K Plans
Can I Ask My Employer to Sponsor My Green Card Application When I Am in L-2 Status?
Please Provide L-1 visa Application Procedure, such as Documents Needed and the Initial Stage
With an Expired L-1 Visa, Can I Stay in U.S. during the Time of the Valid I-94 Card
Can I Change My Status to H-1B as a L-1B Visa Holder?
The Blanket L Visa Petition for Specialized Knowledge Professional
What Are the Major Differences Between the H-1B Visa and the L-1 Visa?
What Are the General Requirements for an L-1 Visa Application?



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