Do You Think that I Can also Apply for
Green Card by Myself with the Help of your NIW Package?

Dr. William:

A friend of mine who started his Green Card application process last year in EB2 National Interest Waiver category. With the help of your Do-It-Yourself NIW package, he received the Form I-140 application approval within four months completely on his own, based on the processed/steps and sample letters included in your NIW package. 

I have a PhD degree in Chemical Engineering and my research projects are currently funded by DOE, and I have a much stronger publication and contribution in the field than my friend does. Do you think I can also apply for the Green Card by myself with the help of your NIW package?


With your PhD degree and your research projects funded by DOE, you should be able to apply for Green Card in the NIW category by yourself. In the NIW petition, you should clearly demonstrate that your past record substantiates projections of future benefits to the U.S. national interest. You also need several recommendation letters testifying your unique skill, experience, knowledge in your field.

You can also follow the sample petition cover letter and recommendation letters in our Do-It-Yourself NIW package to explain that 1) whether you will be working in an area of "substantial intrinsic merit;" 2) whether the proposed benefit is national in scope; and 3) whether the significant benefit derived from the participation in the national interest field considerably outweighs the national interest in using the Labor Certification process. 









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