With an Expired L-1 Visa, Can I Stay in U.S. during the Time of the Valid I-94 Card

Dr. William:

My L-1 visa has expired, but my I-94 card is still valid. I want to know if I can stay in U.S. during the time of the valid I-94 card, or I need to apply for an extension of the L-1 visa.


As a L-1 visa holder, the L-1 petition approval determines your status in U.S., and the visa stamp on your passport is your entry document. If you are not working for the L-1 employer, you are consider to be out of status even you have a valid and unexpired I-94 card. 

If you can not get the L-1 visa extension, and are out of status for more than 180 days, you can not adjust your status in U.S. for an employment-based Green Card application.








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