The Blanket L Visa Petition for Specialized Knowledge Professional

Dr. William:

I am in a B-1 visa now, a US company wants to hire me and apply for a L-1B status for me as a specialized knowledge professional with an approved blanket L visa petition. Please let me know more about the blanket L visa petition.  


An L visa blanket petition simplifies the process of filing for individual L-1B workers who are specialized knowledge professionals who possess specialized knowledge employed in positions, which require the theoretical and practical application of highly specialized knowledge.

A blanket L petition must be filed by a U.S. employer who will be the single representative between USCIS and the qualifying organizations. A company that wishes to establish itself as qualifying organizations under the blanket L program must first file a blanket L petition with an USCIS Service Center. This blanket petition must identify a "petitioner" in whose name the petition is being filed. The petitioner must be a member of the company’s corporate family, but it need not be the parent or the principal office.








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