J-2 Visa Application and the EAD Work Permit 

Dr. William:

I will soon graduate from my school with a Ph.D in Biology. An institute will hire me as a research associate in a project, and change my visa from F-1 to J-1. Can I apply for changing my wife's visa from F-2 to J-2 at the same time, so she can get the EAD work permit as early as possible?   


You wife can apply for changing her visa from F-2 to J-2 at the same time of your J-1 application. She does not need to wait for your J-1 approval to apply for her J-2 visa. As a J-1 visa holder's dependent, she can apply for EAD after obtaining the J-2 visa. 

The EAD work permit is an important benefit for some J-1 visa dependent. The only requirement is that it is necessary to show that the J-2 spouse's EAD working income will not be needed to support the J-1 visa holder.








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