Check J1 Waiver Application Status

Dr. William:

I submitted the J1 waiver application by applying your "Complete Do-It-Yourself package for J1 waiver", based on the "Interested Government Agency (IGA)" several weeks ago, and I am still waiting for the result, do you know how long it may take?


For the Interested Government Agency (IGA), you can contact the Public Inquiries Division requesting the status via mail or fax. You can also check your status on-line after you get the case number.

The processing times will vary depending on the type of application submitted. The times given below are estimates by the Department Of State, from the date of receipt of all documentation necessary to adjudicate the application.

  • No objection - 4-8 weeks
  • Interested U.S. Government agency - 4-8 weeks
  • State department of health - 6-8 weeks
  • Exceptional hardship - 3-4 months
  • Fear of persecution - 3-4 months
  • Advisory opinions - 6-8 weeks







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