Green Card Application Based On NIW, But Not In A Research Position

Dr. William:

Thank you very much for your very helpful web site and information. I want to apply for Green Card based on NIW, but what I worry about most is that my current position is not in a research position. In fact, it is more development oriented. That's why I consider for knowledge based self-petition, not employment based. 

With your experience, do you think that USCIS still grant Green Cards to employment based NIW? Your opinion is very much appreciated.


Yes, USCIS still grant Green Cards to employment based NIW. For NIW petition, the important issue is not your current work being research or development. The most important issue is that your current work/project is in US "National Interest", such as its relation with government agency, funding from government, or your work/project can be related with following seven factors for NIW consideration:

1. improving the U.S. economy;

2. improving wages and working conditions of U.S. workers;

3. improving education and training programs for U.S. children and under-qualified workers;

4. improving health care;

5. providing more affordable housing for young and/or older, poorer U.S. residents;

6. improving the environment of the U.S. and making more productive use of natural resources;

7. a request from an interested U.S. government agency or improving international cultural understanding







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