Can A J-1 Holder Selected In The Green Card Lottery Receive A J-1 Waiver?

Dr. William:

I am a Postdoc with J-1 visa, and I like to apply for Green Card Lottery. Can a J-1 holder selected in the lottery receive a waiver of 2 year home country residency?


No. There is no special provision for the waiver of two year home country residency. The holders of J-1 visas with a two year home residency requirement will not be able to receive a waiver of this requirement by virtue of being selected in the lottery.

A holder of a J visa can still enter the lottery, but he/she will have to qualify for a residency waiver in the same manner as is normally required to get such a waiver. J-1 holders  who have not yet begun their home residency are precluded, unless they are able to get a waiver of the home residency requirement.








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