Can I Work For Another Company After My EB1-OR Approval On A New H1-B?

Dr. William:

I am expecting my EB1-OR I-140 petition to be approved shortly by VSC. My current employer will running out of funds soon, but willing to support my I-485 application after got funds from state government later.

My question is: can I work for another company after my EB1-OR I-140 approval on a new H1-B, and then go back to my previous employer for the I-485 petition after they got funds from state government?


When you apply for the I-485 petition, you should be back with the I-140 sponsoring employer long enough, so you should not have anything to worry about. Otherwise, the USCIS could use this as a basis to deny your I-1485 adjustment application, if you still work for another company or be back with the sponsoring employer very short.  







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