Will My Self-petitioned NIW Case Affect Employer Sponsored LC?

Dr. William:

I have a Ph.D degree and now working in a company on H1-B. I plan to file a self-petitioned NIW, and my company will sponsor my LC based EB2 green card petition.

I want to know if my self-petitioned NIW case will affect my employer sponsored LC green card case or not? And do I need to answer the question asked in I-140 Form that "Has an immigration petition ever been filed by or on behalf of this person"?


You self-petitioned NIW case will not adversely affect a subsequently filed employer sponsored LC green card case. You need to answer the USCIS question on I-140 Form. The USCIS wants this information for your earlier priority date, or to know your previous petition files so that they can screen for fraud.







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