I Want To Know If I Am Quality For NIW

Dr. William:

I want to know if I am quality for NIW. I have a Ph.D. degree and working in a large company. I have a number of publications and two pending patents.


You have a Ph.D, a few publications, two pending patents, and work for a large company. All these are enough to prove your qualification for NIW. You need to organize all your documents and evidences to show you meet the requirement of NIW (or EB1). For NIW, you need to have reference letters to show to BCIS officers that your current work or research is in "National Interest".

Since you have two pending patents, if you can successfully persuade the INS officer that the application of your patent or your continuous work in USA is in "National Interest", NIW may be good for you. The key point here is how to present your case and documentation.







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