How Could I Relate Two Different Fields To Apply For NIW Or EB1?

Dr. William:

I have a Ph.D in Chemical Engineering, more than 10 publications, and 2 national awards in Chemical Engineering.

Now, I am working in a telecommunication company as a programmer. My question here is how could I relate these two different fields to apply for NIW or EB1? (most of my publications are in polymer)


If you apply for EB1, it may be difficult to convince the BCIS that you are extraordinary or outstanding in both fields, and it is difficult to relate these two fields with each other.

But if you apply for NIW, you can use the former research field polymer to prove that you are outstanding or have exceptional ability (not Extraordinary Ability). Then you can use the current work field, telecommunication, to prove your current work is in "National Interest" (if you can prove it). In this way, you can use your published papers in polymer as the evidence for your excellent ability, and use the current field for the national interest. If you do it this way, you must have reference letters and documents to show your current work is in National Interest.








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