Order the "Complete Do-It-Yourself Package" by Using PayPal

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Please use the PayPal ONLY IF you need the package urgently or in a special situation. To order your package by paying through PayPal, please click the PayPal button below, and then:

  • in "Your order summary", please enter the DIY Package Name in the "Description" field; 
  • also enter the order price in the "Item Price" field (1 package for $107; 2 packages for $202; and 3 packages for $297)
  • click the link "Update" to update your order summary information. Then login your Paypal account, or complete a quick registration process for fist time PayPal user.
  • after your payment, please send an email to service@greencardapply.com to let us know the DIY Package Name you need.


(It is $107 per package, and $95 for second package)  






The above discount prices are for individuals only.
For law firms, immigration service companies, and other organizations, the price for each package is 10 times of the above listed price.
All the documents in the package are included in a ZIP file, and we will provide you unzip program information. As a general software practice, after the ordered package delivery, it should be no return or refund.