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Approved EB1 Outstanding Professor
or Researcher Immigration Application Cases

Learn successfully approved immigration application cases in the category of EB1 Outstanding Professor or Researcher, filed on behalf of alien individuals conducting research and teaching in various scientific and engineering fields

A Nano-materials Researcher Working for a Small Private Company

  • A scientist working on nano-materials in a small company which develops the fuel cells;

  • The private company received funding from National Science Foundation and several U.S. government agencies for numerous projects;

  • The company sponsored the EB1 Outstanding Researcher petition, and confirmed his continued employment and offered salary with the company;

  • Substantial evidence has been submitted to claim that he had published academic articles in international journals;

  • Acted as a judge of the work of others by reviewing papers for professional journals;

  • Received international recognition through the citations that his work had received from researchers in the U.S. and around the world;

  • Several strong recommendation letters from experts in the field were submitted to USCIS with the petition documents;

  • Recommendation letters confirming his significant contributions in the field as an outstanding researcher;

  • This EB-1B petition was approved with 45 days.

An Assistant Professor in Civil Engineering Working at a State University 

  • An assistant professor working at a U.S. university in the field of Civil Engineering;

  • He has been employed by the university for more than four years, and certainly met the three years of experience requirement as a professor required for EB-1B;

  • The university confirmed his assistant professorship in the tenured-track position and his continuous employment with the university;

  • He met the requirements for three of the six criteria as an EB1 Outstanding Professor;

  • 9 scholarly articles and 8 conference presentations for authorship of scholarly articles in the field; 

  • 6 recommendation letters from experts in the field for his significant scientific contributions to the field;

  • Submitted evidence of participating as a judge of the work of others;

  • A citations report for his 34 citations received from researchers in U.S. and around the world was also submitted with the petition documents. 

  • With the USCIS' Premium Processing, his EB-1B petition was approved within 12 days.

A Telecommunication Researcher Working for a Private Company 

  • MS degree in telecommunications and electronic engineering;

  • Works for a large company which has the financial ability to support the beneficiary's EB1 Outstanding Researcher application;

  • The company employs more than 20 full-time researchers, and they wished to employ the beneficiary on a permanent basis;

  • He had 5 years of experience as a researcher specializing in telecommunications;

  • Claimed 3 EB-1B criteria with supporting evidence;

  • The petitioner provided documentary evidence of scholarly articles, citations, and peer-review work;

  • The petitioner could show that he had made original scientific contributions to the field;

  • Published 8 scholarly articles in international journals;

  • Pad participated the judge of other's work through the peer-review;

  • Several strong reference letters from experts confirmed his international recognition as an outstanding researcher in the field. 

  • The petition was approved without RFE in 35 days.

An Assistant Professor in Biology Working for a Small State University 

  • An Assistant Professor in Biology who was sponsored by his employer which is a small state university;

  • Has a tenured-track position at the university, and meets the desired employment requirements of the EB-1B petition for permanent residency;

  • Has a relatively low citation numbers in this field which is Medical Biology;

  • Has documentary evidence of his original contributions in the field;

  • Has evidence of participation in peer-review work; 

  • This employer received Request For Evidence (RFE) notice from USCIS after the petition material submission;

  • To claim his international recognition as an outstanding professor in the field and reply the RFE requests, several additional reference letters from the experts in the field were submitted to the USCIS, including the reference letters from independent experts outside his circles, to confirm his standing in the international recognition as outstanding. 

  • The case was quickly approved after the RFE response.

A Material Engineering Researcher Working for a Private Company

  • Has a Ph.D. degree in Material Engineering;

  • Had been employed at a large technology company for more than 3 years;

  • The company wished to continue to employ him in its R&D center as a Senior Process Engineer;

  • The employer submitted evidence that beneficiary met 4 EB-1B criteria for outstanding ability;

  • 9 publication of scholarly articles in international journals;

  • Receipt of a major award in recognition of his original contributions;

  • Participation as a judge of the work of others in the field;

  • A citation report of over 55 citations from researchers around the world has been submitted with the petition documents, indicating the international recognition of his excellent research work. 

  • Several recommendation letters are submitted to USCIS to explain his outstanding ability in the field and his qualification as an outstanding researcher. 

  • This petition was quickly approved.

A Research Analyst at an Institute for Biology Research

  • Got Ph.D. from US University in molecular biology;

  • Post Ph.D. research for United State Government Department of Agriculture;

  • Currently an research analyst at an Institute for Biology Research;

  • Published 6 papers, all first author;

  • All papers are published in a highly recognized journals. 

  • Got more than 30 citations;

  • One paper made the cover of the magazine;

  • Several conference papers;

  • Reviewed work of others;

A Research Associate in Healthcare Quality Control at an University

  • MS in Business Administration from a US University;

  • BS degree in China in management;

  • Three years teaching and research experiences in China;

  • Seven publications in scientific and management journals in English;

  • Five publications in scientific and management journals in Chinese, some are first author;

  • One USA scientific membership;

  • Currently working on US government funded research project for Healthcare Quality Control ;

  • Got good recommendation letters from advisors and current employer.

An Assistant Professor in Mathematics at an University

  • Bachelor and Master of Mathematics from China;

  • Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics from a top U.S. university;

  • Three years of research experience in China;

  • Currently a tenure-track assistant professor in an university in the Midwest;

  • Nine papers in American peer-reviewed journals, three first author;

  • Six papers in Chinese peer reviewed journals, three first authors;

  • More than 10 conference presentations;

  • Several citations by others; 

  • Memberships in two professional societies that requires Ph.D.

  • One award from a major professional society. 

A Research Associate in Medical Science at an University

  • Bachelor of Medicine from India;

  • PhD in Medical Science from Canada;

  • Post doctoral research in USA for two years;

  • 12 publications in scientific international journals in English;

  • 14 abstracts in different international conferences;

  • Two USA academic memberships;

  • Three awards;

  • Working as Researcher Associate in a top national University in USA;

  • Got recommendation letters from PhD advisors in Canada and current employer.

A Civil Engineering Researcher in a Private Company

  • PhD degree in Civil Engineering with major in structural engineering from Singapore University;

  • 8 refereed journal publications (5 are in International Journals and the others are in Singapore journals);

  • Presented research works at 3 international conferences;

  • First author for 4 publications;

  • Reviewed journal papers of others;

  • Granted a full scholarship by the Singapore Government for Master and Doctoral degrees;

  • Member of U.S. Society of Civil Engineer, and member of International Association for Computational Mechanics;

  • Provided 6 strong recommendations letters.

A Environment Engineer at a State Government Agency

  • Currently working for a state government (Environmental Protection Agency);

  • PhD and MS in Environment Engineering from a very good U.S. university;

  • Worked as a research engineer at a private company before;

  • Currently working with an O1 visa;

  • Technical committee member of two nationally known organizations;

  • Published 7 journal pagers;

  • 12 conference papers and conference presentations;

  • Reviewed more then 5 journal papers;

  • Reviewed 2 environmental research documents published by U.S. Federal Government;

  • 5 reports submitted to federal and state governments as research results;

  • 1 U.S. national level award for outstanding paper;

  • 1 superior accomplishment award from state government.

An Assistant Professor in Organic Chemistry at US University

  • Currently working as Assistant Professor at an U.S. University;

  • PhD from an U.S. University in Organic Chemistry;

  • Six journal publications in highly reputed science journals;

  • Three more papers soon to be submitted;

  • Presented original research work in 2 National/International conferences;

  • Reviewed research papers of peers for scientific journals;

  • Currently on H1B visa through the University.

A Researcher in Biochemistry at a Small Private Company

  • Recently got J1 waiver for 2-year home country service;

  • MS degree in Biochemistry, currently working for a small company;

  • Research and publications are in anti-infection and cancer related projects;

  • Received Gold Medal for graduating in top honors in the university;

  • Have 6 papers (International journals) published, and 3 more in preparation;

  • 3 papers as first author, 4 papers as second author, and 2 papers as fourth author;

  • Have 8 research articles presented at national and international conferences as posters.

  • Have significant citations;

  • No PhD degree, no US University degree.

A Research Assistant at an University Medical Center

  • Have a Master degree in Microbiology;

  • Currently work as research assistant at an University Medical Center;

  • Working in the field of Cardiology funded by NIH;

  • Have co-authored 5 papers in reputed journal;

  • Will publish two more papers in next couple of months;

  • Research work has been cited 25 times in other journals;

  • Research work has been presented in professional conferences;

  • Supervised summer students and rotational graduate students in the lab.

A Research Scientist at a Small Company in Electrical Engineering

  • Working for a small company with 20 R&D professionals;

  • Research work funded by a major semiconductor company;

  • Currently have O1 visa;

  • Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from U.S.;

  • 9 year research experience;

  • 4 first author journals, and 2 second author journals;

  • 6 first author conference papers, and 2 invited co-authored conference papers;

  • 2 invited co-authored book chapters;

  • Reviewed manuscripts for IEEE journals.

A Research Associate at a University Lab

  • PhD in Physics from U.S. University;

  • 5 journal publications, 2 as first author and 3 as second author;

  • 2 more papers have submitted;

  • 20 citations of all published journal publications;

  • 3 invited talks in national and international conferences;

  • 5 poster presentations in different national and international conferences;

  • 1st prize in poster presentation at a national physics conference;

  • 3rd prize at a national research competition;

  • Membership in two organizations APS & ACS;

  • Research results appeared in national news media and several important web sites;

  • Have 7 reference letters.

An Assistant Professor in Aerospace Engineering at an University

  • Have a PhD in Aerospace Engineering;

  • Have an Assistant Professor position in a top US university;

  • Post doctoral research experience for NASA and other entities;

  • Currently working on several U.S. Government funded research projects;

  • Have 6 journal papers published;

  • Have 9 conference publications;

  • Reviewed technical papers submitted to 3 journals;

  • Was a reviewer of reports submitted for national level aircraft design competitions;

  • A nominated member of a national technical committee in a specific area;

  • On the thesis committee of several graduate students.

A Research Associate in an US University in Education Statistics 

  • MS from a US university in education;

  • 10 years of teaching experiences in US and China universities;

  • Membership in two major American academic societies in Education;

  • 6 journal publications;

  • 3 conference presentations;

  • Won an US national award in education statistics research;

  • Worked as a reviewer for a major American academic conference in education;

  • Currently working on the research projects funded by state government.

A Research Engineer in a Major Composite Material Company in US

  • Ph.D. in Applied Physics from China;

  • Lecturer in a university of China for three years; 

  • Post doctor researcher in a US university for three years, working on composite material research and development;

  • Currently an Engineer in a major composite material company in US, for more than two years;

  • Seven journal papers;

  • Five conference papers in English;

  • About Six journal and conference papers in Chinese;

  • A few citations;

  • Reviewed papers for journal and conference;

  • Two USA Memberships.

A Senior Researcher for a Small Company for Synthesis Chemicals Research

  • Ph.D in chemistry from Canada;

  • Post doctoral research in a Canada University for two years before came to USA;

  • Two years of senior researcher experience in an university;

  • Eight publications in Journals:

  • Two patents;

  • One membership;

  • Award for scholarship and best Ph.D paper;

  • Recommendation letters from Ph.D advisors, current employer and other Ph.D;

  • Currently working as a senior researcher in a small company for synthesis chemicals.

A Geo-scientist at a Reputed Company

  • A PhD in Environmental Science;

  • Currently working as a Geo-scientist in a reputed company;

  • 5 International Publications in Geosciences;

  • 6 Symposia Presentation;

  • Few Scientific reports;

  • Published papers being referenced by other scientific researchers;

  • Received the Fellowship award from a Reputed Organization in Korean to do research;

  • Membership in two reputed scientific society;

  • Supervised two students leading to their Master degree;

  • Got recommendations from leading scientists and a distinguished engineers.

A Technology Policy Researcher for an International Nonprofit Research Organization

  • Has a Ph.D. from a prestigious U.S. university;

  • Work for an international nonprofit research organization based in U.S.;

  • Conduct technology policy research for her employer;

  • Published 6 journal articles,4 2 conference papers, 3 book chapters, 5 technical papers;

  • Her work was cited 75 times by independent researchers, and he reviewed 5 journal manuscripts; 

  • USCIS issued an RFE regarding the employer’s ability to pay;

  • Responded RFE on the financial documents of the organization, and the petition was approved thereafter.

A Pharmaceutical Researcher Working for a Research Company

  • A researcher with Ph.D. in pharmacology;

  • Work for a pharmaceutical research company, and research focused on drug formulation and delivery;

  • Published 11 journals, presented 3 conference papers, and edited 3 reference books; 

  • Publications were cited 84 times; 

  • Has 3 drug patents and a commercial license agreement on the patents;

  • The petition was approved without an RFE.

An Imaging and Computer vision Researcher

  • Has Ph.D. in computer engineering from a prestigious university;

  • Published 9 journal articles and 5 conference papers;

  • Publications were cited 55 times;

  • Reviewed 5 journal manuscripts;

  • USCIS issued an RFE after the EB-1B petition submission;

  • Responded with additional supplemental information about publications and regular service as a reviewer for multiple journals;

  • The petition was approved thereafter.

A Pharmaceutical Researcher

  • A pharmaceutical researcher with Ph.D. from a state university in U.S.;

  • Published 8 journal articles, 3 book chapters, and 5 conference papers;

  • Publications were were cited 35 times;

  • Reviewed 3 journal manuscripts;

  • Was the chief inventor in 3 patents; 

  • USCIS issued an RFE on the issue of permanent job offer;

  • The petition was approved after RFE response.

A Nanotechnology Researcher 

  • Has a Ph.D. in Physics from a U.S. university;

  • Published 12 journal articles and 5 conference papers;

  • High quality of the journals, which had high impact factors; 

  • Publications were cited 25 times;

  • Numerous media reports - TV, magazine and online;

  • Projects funded by DOE and NSF;

  • Has 2 pending patents.

An Assistant Professor in Molecular Genetics

  • Has a Ph.D. in molecular genetics and plant biology;

  • Published 13 journal articles and 6 conference papers;

  • Publications were cited 80 times by other independent researcher;

  • Held 2 patents, one of which was used in the industry through a technology transfer agreement; 

  • Submitted numerous media reports about his works. 

An Postdoctoral Researcher in Medical School

  • Ph.D. from Russia;

  • Memberships of US molecular biology society and Biochemistry;

  • Four first author papers;

  • Five second author papers; 

  • Two papers are under review;

  • Attended two professional international meetings;

  • One national award for molecular biology research;

  • Came to US as a J1 exchange scholar;

  • Working at an university medical school as a postdoctoral researcher, current status is H1B. 

A Research Associate at a Pharmaceutical Company

  • MS in Molecular Genetics;

  • Five journal publications, three first authorship;

  • Seven conference publications, first authorship for most of them;

  • Presented original research work on several international conferences;

  • Two professional memberships;

  • Several award, include an Excellent Investigator Award obtained at an international conference;

  • Now working as a scientist at the research department in a pharmaceutical company.

A System Engineer Working for a NASA Consulting Company

  • MS in Physics from an University in Canada;

  • Winner of Canada science magazine award;

  • Several publications in internationally prestigious journals;

  • Two book chapters;

  • Reviewed articles of others;

  • Member of a journal review committee;

  • Several citations by others, including internationally distributed feature articles;

  • Current on H1-B visa and working for a NASA consulting company based in California.  

 A Research Associate Professor in an University

  • PhD in molecular biology from China;
  • Post-doctoral research in USA;
  • 13 publications in science journals in English and Chinese;
  • One patent;
  • Two years of research experience in China;
  • Five years of research experience in USA as post-doctoral research and as senior research associate;
  • Two USA scientific memberships;
  • One fellowship from Canada;
  • Got Reference letters from all of scientists worked with;

A Researcher in the Field of Electric Engineering

  • PH.D in Electric Engineering from India;
  • Post doctoral research in US;
  • Three years of teaching and research experience in university in India;
  • 8 publications in Journals: two foreign and 6 India;
  • One book chapter in India;
  • Two reference publications;
  • Two memberships, including one nominated membership;
  • Working in company R&D center

A Researcher in the Field of Computer Engineering 

  • BS in Computer Engineering;
  • MS from a top university in US;
  • High salary;
  • Two research related awards, one as a graduate student and one from current employer;
  • Multiple student scholarships and fellowships, and one best student paper award;
  • Three conference paper;
  • Five published paper;
  • Six paper citations;
  • Employed in a top industrial research lab in the US

An Assistant Professor in Engineering Physics

  • A MS and Ph.D. from USA university in Engineering Physics;
  • Five published papers, and one book chapter;
  • One national award for best paper;
  • Five expert reference letters;
  • Two professional society memberships;
  • Some magazine clippings talking about the work by technical journalists.

An Assistant Professor in an University

  • US Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering;
  • Four publications in journals;
  • One award;
  • Two presentations for symposium and conference;
  • Six citations,
  • One Membership;
  • Six reference letters.

Assistant Professor in Diabetes Diagnosis: The applicant is an assistant professor in a medical school, and specializes in diabetes diagnosis and its treatment. She has a MD degree in medicine, and her contributions to the diabetes diagnosis and treatment have applications to people suffering from diabetes and thrombosis. 

Ceramic Material Researcher: The applicant has a MS degree in Ceramic Engineering, and his research project specializes in Ceramics. His research in ceramics and infrared transmissions technology can be used in many fields of defense industry. The work has been cited nationally and internationally.

Prostate Cancer Researcher: The applicant is a prostate cancer researcher. She has a MS in Pharmaceutical Sciences. Her research emphasize the treatment of prostate cancer, and was awarded several grants for his pioneering research. Her research work is internationally famous, and has significant value for the advancement of healthcare.

Researcher in Environmental Analysis: His research involves disposal of radioactive waste. His expertise in environmental analysis will assist in finding a safe environment to store radioactive material, which could cause the health hazards, if disposed in an unsuitable locations. The information retrieved by the applicant will also help to collect and analyze detailed geologic data from ground and improve the health care and welfare of the United States.

Assistant Professor of Superconductor Physics: The assistant professor specializes in superconductor research in physics. His research is to develop conductors and superconductors in the computer field. His inventions of new magnetic technology has advanced the industry, and has many financial benefits. His work has been published in several famous national and international journals.

Engineer in Structural Systems Research and Analysis: The applicant has a MS degree in Civil Engineering, and concentrates on structural systems research and analysis. The applicant is a key research engineer in a federal projects. His research in fiber-reinforced plastic materials was proved to be vary valuable for the development of more durable structural materials for rehabilitation, and it has many applications in buildings and infrastructures.

Engineer/Researcher in Composites Materials: The applicant has Ph.D. in Material Engineering, and he specializes in composite material research and development. His advancements in the field composite materials has vary valuable applications to the replacement of traditional conductive materials, which will benefits the environment and economy.

Researcher in Information Systems: Graduated from a prestigious U.S. university with a Ph.D. degree in Information Systems. One book in English; No journal publications. 23 citations. Performed review service for 2 journals in addition to 3 conference proceedings. 7 recommendation letters, 4 of which were from U.S. universities, 1 of which was from an international university, and 2 of which were from private entities.

Researcher in Neuroscience: Working for a medical school. Graduated from a prestigious U.S. university with a Ph.D. degree in Neuroscience. 5 first-authored English papers and 1 second-authored English paper; 34 citations. Performed review service for 2 journals. 6 recommendation letters, 4 of which were from U.S. universities and 2 of which were from international universities.

Assistant Professor of Microbiology: Working for a university. Graduated from a U.S. university with a Ph.D. degree in Microbiology. 4 first-authored English publications and 3 second-authored publications. 14 citations. Performed grant review service for two 2 organizations. 6 recommendation letters, all of which were from U.S. universities and university medical centers. 

Researcher in Geography: Working for a university. Graduated from a U.S. university with a Ph.D. in Geography. 4 first-authored English publications. 12 citations. Performed review service for 1 journal. 6 recommendation letters, 5 of which were from universities in the United States and 1 of which was from a university in Canada. 12 months of case processing time including the RFE. A Request for Evidence was issued and asking for more evidence. Submitted 3 additional recommendation letters and additional evidence of alien beneficiary's awards, publication record, and citations.

Research Associate in Medicine School: Graduated from a Chinese university with a Medicine degree. 3 first-authored English publications. 9 citations. Not performed review service for publications. 8 recommendation letters, 7 of which were from U.S. universities or university medical centers, and 1 of which was from a private research institution.

Research Associate in a Medical School: The applicant has a MS degree in Biochemistry, and is now working as a research associate in a medical school. Her research field is sequencing of genes, and its application in heart defects of children. She has reference letters from 3 countries, which argued that her contributions can have significant improvement of children’s health, and her research are vital to many research efforts of scientists and researchers across the nation.

Researcher in Environmental Chemistry: The applicant has a Ph.D degree in Environmental Science, and is working on research projects of petroleum fuel refining and its environmental risk analysis. His many publications include cutting edge research in the field of environmental chemistry, which will affect the national environmental strategy in the future.

Research Engineer in Industrial Wastewater Management: His achievements are in the area of industrial wastewater management, and environmental risk control. His expertise include wastewater treatment plant evaluation and laboratory studies. Other scientists in this field wrote strong reference letters about applicant’s significant research to provide critical information to industries a cleaner environment, based on his innovative methods.

Research Engineer in Electrical Engineering: Working for a private company. Graduated from a U.S. university with a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering. 2 first-authored publication and 3 second-authored publication. 12 citations. Not performed review service for publications. 5 recommendation letters, 1 of which was from a prestigious U.S. university, and 4 of which were from private research institutions.

Assistant Professor in Civil Engineering: Graduated from a U.S. university with a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering. 4 co-authored publications and 3 co-authored conference proceedings. 18 citations. Elected as a judge to review others’ work and also invited to review 1 publication. 5 recommendation letters, all of which were from prestigious U.S. universities.

Research Associate in Medicine Center: Graduated from a foreign university with a MD degree. 5 co-authored publications. 10 citations. Served as an associate editor and performed review service on 2 occasions. 6 recommendation letters, 5 of which were from prestigious U.S. universities and 1 of which was from a private research institution.

Assistant Professor of Medical College: Obtained Ph.D. degree in U.S. 6 first- and second-authored publications. 19 citations. Performed review service for 1 publication. 6 recommendation letters, 4 of which were from prestigious U.S. universities or university medical centers, and 2 of which were from a private research institution.

Assistant Professor in Literature: Graduated from a U.S. university of with a Ph. D. in Literature. 9 publications and 2 books. 35 citations. Performed review service twice; once for a book, and once for a journal. 7 recommendation letters, all of which were from prestigious U.S. universities.


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