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Some Approved EB2 NIW Immigration Application Cases

National Interest Waiver (NIW) applications continue to get approved. For the National Interest Waiver petitions, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) keeps on approving good cases in this classification. The following are samples of approved NIW cases:

A New Ph.D. in Material Engineering

  • Material Engineering Ph.D, in the area of composite materials;

  • Two national prizes;

  • Post Doctor working on same research area sponsored by a state government agency;

  • Four journal papers;  

  • Six conference papers

  • Many year working experience in other country;

  • Two papers in preparation to submit;

  • Got reference letters from 4 professors;

  • ASME member;

  • Will continue to work as a Post Doctor at the same University, with Optional Practical Training.  

 A PhD Student in Pharmacology

  • Will get PhD from US university in Pharmacology;

  • Four publications in the field of Diabetes;
  • Five conferences paper;.
  • One research fund from National Science Foundation;
  • Got strong reference from PhD professors;
  • Several awards from national and international conferences;
  • Member of Pharmacology Association.

A Post-Doctor in Bio-chemistry Doing Research in US University

  • Ph.D. degree from South Korea in bio-chemistry. 

  • Research mainly focused on bio-technique developing for NIH about 3 years.

  • 9 journal and 4 conference research papers in the area of  bio-chemistry.  

  • 2 patents pending;

  • Got 6 letters for recommendation;

  • About 20 citation for the research paper;

  • 2 national awards;

  • On J1 visa, J1 waiver approved. 

A Post Doctoral Associate in Chemical Engineering

  • Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering

  • Currently working on program funded by National Science Foundation

  • Obtained first rank award from university for Ph.D degree paper;

  • One pending patent in USA; 

  • Elected in two National Scholars memberships (Chemical Society, and Association For Chemical Engineering);

  • 8 presentations in international conferences including ACS, ASME;

  • 5 published papers in JACS, JASMAS, and other international journals.

  • 2 papers in submitting for publication.

J1 Visa Holder From India in Medical Research

  • Ph.D and Master degree in Internal Medicine;

  • Five papers published;

  • Three more papers are ready to publish;

  • Applied for US patent;

  • Four papers presented in symposia and seminars;

  • Member in 3 international research organization;

  • Obtained J1 waiver.

A New Ph.D in Veterinary Medicine Research

  • Ph.D from US University;

  • Received one national award for veterinary medicine research;

  • Two best conference paper awards at national meetings;

  • Membership in American Society for Veterinary Medicine;

  • Six papers published in journals;

  • Presented at more than ten conferences;

  • Worked for international scientific programs;

  • Several awards from University;

  • F-1 student working on OPT in a research institute.

A Researcher at an University in Systems Engineering 

  • Master and PhD degrees in Industrial and Systems Engineering from US University;

  • Currently a researcher at an University;

  • Three years of research and teaching experience outside US;

  • Five publications in national and international conferences;

  • Five publications in national journals;

  • Two papers in the process for submission to scientific journals;

  • Several unpublished research reports;

  • Two USA scientific memberships;

  • Got strong recommendation letters from PhD advisors and employers.

A Researcher in Biomedical Research at a Top Medical School

  • Master degree from India;

  • Doctoral degree in Cell biology from an US university;

  • Currently a Research Associate in a top medical school, working on NIH funded projects;

  • Won international fellowship;

  • Presented research work in four international meetings outside of US;

  • 8 professional research papers;

  • Two research reports for a biotech company;

An Industry Engineer Working at Company's R&D Center

  • MS in Industry Engineering from US University;

  • Currently working as an engineer at company's R&D center;

  • Research project funded US Department of Commerce and National Institute of Standards;

  • 4 Scholarships awards as a student;

  • Member of US Engineering Society;

  • One US patent pending;

  • Four Publications

  • Five Professional presentations at national/international conferences;

  • Eight years of experience in the field;

A PhD Student Majored in Environmental Science in a State University

  • Master Degree from China in Environmental Science,

  • A PhD. graduate student majored in Environmental Science;

  • Four years of academic and industry experience; 

  • Three year teaching/research experiences in university;

  • 4 published papers in US;

  • Will have another 2 publications in scientific journals soon;

  • One US scientific membership;

  • Projects involving in State and Federal government funding;

  • Got strong recommendation letters from PhD advisors and professors.

A Optical Networks Engineer with a Small Company

  • Master Degree in engineering physics, Non-US education;

  • Extensive research experience, 10+ years;

  • 5 journal papers and 14 conference research papers in the area of Optical Networks;

  • Got strong letters of references;

  • Senior Member of IEEE;

  • Reviewed 5 papers, and have proof of them;

  • Have a few citations;

  • No international/national prizes;

  • Currently on H-1B visa with a small company as an Engineer, some work involving US Federal Government research;

  • Previously on J-1 visa as a Researcher at a college;

A Researcher in Leukemia with H-1B Visa in an University Hospital

  • Medical university in China and PhD. degree in UK, 

  • 9 years research experience in leukemia;

  • 2 years professional experience in environmental health research;

  • 5 journal and 5 conference research papers, 2 papers are first author;

  • No patent;

  • Got reference letters from UK, China and USA;

  • Two Memberships in cell and molecular biology;

  • Reviewed papers;

  • Two scholarships from UK government;

  • One award from China government;

  • Came to USA with H-1B visa in an university hospital.

 A PhD Candidate in Mechanical Engineering at an US University

  • Have a MS in mechanical engineering from an University in China

  • Now a PhD candidate in mechanical engineering at an US university;

  • 4 journal papers in China;

  • 5 journal and conference papers in US;

  • One best paper award;

  • Two awards of Science and Technology in China;

  • Numerous honored student awards;

  • Got 6 letters of support from US universities and Army Research Laboratory (ARL);

  • Current PhD research projects sponsored by US Army Research Laboratory.

A System Analyst in Bio-Information Software Development

  • Master degrees in Computer Science and Biology;

  • 5 research papers in Computer Science and Bio-Information fields;

  • More than 6 years working experience in the fields.

  • 3 paper published in conferences

  • No patents;

  • Got good letters of references;

  • Not many citations;

  • One national prize;

  • Currently on H-1B visa sponsored by company. 

  • Working as a system analyst in Bio-Information software development;

  • Projects/Products related with US government funding.

A Researcher Working at a Bioengineering Company

  • Double Master degrees in both Biology and Bioengineering, graduated with high GPA;

  • Working in the bioengineering field contributing to the America pharmaceutical and health care development;

  • Working as the one of the core staffs and leaders;

  • Have the permanent research and product development position in a new but fast-developed bioengineering company;

  • Outstanding contribution to the company and get the salary increased more than 10,000 in less than 2 years;

  • Directly significant contribution to the pharmaceutical research and industry;

  • 3 pending patents;

  • 2 international professional organization memberships;

  • 6 American journal papers;

  • 4 years working experience under the cutting-edge team leader in a top university.

A Post-doc Researcher in Structural Engineering

  • Have a PhD degree in Civil Engineering with major in Structural and Geotechnical Engineering;

  • 6 international journals publications;

  • Presented research works at two international conferences;

  • Reviewed other researcher's journal papers;

  • Granted a full scholarship by the Japanese Government for Master and Doctoral degrees;

  • Member of International Association for Computational Mechanics;

  • Provided 6 strong recommendation letters.

A Transportation Engineer Working for a State Agency with O1 Visa

  • PhD in Environment and Transportation Engineering;

  • Worked as a research engineer at large company;

  • Currently working for a state agency with O1 visa;

  • Technical committee member of two nationally known organizations;

  • Six journal pager publications;

  • Three peer reviewed government documents published by Federal government agencies;

  • Four reports submitted to federal and state governments as research results;

  • Seven conference papers and proceedings;

  • Two national awards for outstanding papers.

J1 Visa Researcher in Research of Public Health

  • Have a significant research background in Public Health and Medicine;
  • Currently on J1 visa;
  • Working on a recognized public health program at an U.S. medical school;
  • 6 years experience in research;
  • Membership of Public Health academic society;
  • 6 journal publications in leading journals;
  • 3 papers presented at international conferences; 
  • Several awards in medical school;
  • Research reported by medical news;
  • First author for most publications.
An Engineer with Ph.D. Working for a Small Company
  • Ph.D. from U.S. University in Material Engineering;
  • Three year experience working for small company;
  • Five journal publications;
  • Three international conferences;
  • One book chapter;
  • 25 citations;
  • No major awards or prizes;
  • Six recommendation letters.

A Post-doc in Biology Research

  • Ph.D. in Biology;
  • Seven papers, 5 in English and 2 in non-English, first author 6 papers;
  • Six abstracts and four presentations in national conferences;
  • Reviewed 3 papers for 2 professional journals.
  • Two professional memberships.
  • Five requests for reprints of his papers.
  • One Best Paper Award from a professional society in an International Conference.
  • 6 strong letters of recommendation,
  • School media reported his research.

A Chemical Engineer

  • MS in Chemical  Engineering
  • Three years research experience;
  • Six publications in journals;
  • Two conferences papers;
  • Two minor national awards;
  • One membership in professional organization;
  • Seven strong reference letters;
  • Detailed letter from employer about his qualifications

A Post-doc Researcher in Physics 

  • Ph.D. from U.S. university in Physics;
  • Nine published papers, and two book chapters;
  • Two US patent application;
  • One best graduate student paper;
  • One international award for best paper;;
  • Five expert recommendation letters;
  • Three professional society memberships;

A Research Associate in a State University

  • MS in molecular biology;
  • 11 publications in science journals;
  • 5 years of research experience as research associate;
  • 2 U.S. scientific memberships;
  • One fellowship from Canada;
  • 6 Reference letters from scientists worked with;

An Engineer in Civil Engineering

  • MS in Civil Engineering;
  • Three years of teaching and research experience in university in India;
  • 6 publications in Journals;
  • One book chapter;
  • Two reference publications;
  • Two memberships, including one nominated membership;
  • Working in company R&D center

A Researcher in the Field of Computer Engineering 

  • BS in Computer Engineering;
  • MS from a top university in US;
  • High salary;
  • Two research related awards, one as a graduate student and one from current employer;
  • Multiple student scholarships and fellowships, and one best student paper award;
  • Three conference paper;
  • Five published paper;
  • Six paper citations;
  • Employed in a top industrial research lab in the US

A Post-doctoral Fellow Working in Organic Chemistry Field

  • Currently working as Post-doctoral fellow at US University;

  • PhD from an U.S. University in Organic Chemistry;

  • Three Journal publications in highly reputed science journals;

  • Three more papers soon to be submitted;

  • Presented original research work in one national conference;

  • Reviewed research papers of peers for scientific journals;

  • Supervised summer students and rotational graduate students in the lab;

  • Co-authored work has been cited in other journals.

A Researcher Associate Working at U.S. University with J1 Visa

  • Have J1 visa working at U.S. University in Biochemistry;

  • Master degree from India;

  • Five papers published at international journals;

  • Three papers in preparation;

  • Have 8 research articles presented at national and international conferences as posters;

  • Have significant citations;

  • Reviewed manuscripts for others;

  • Lectureship certification from India.

A Ph.D. Student on OPT in Electrical Engineering 

  • Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from U.S.;

  • Started R&D work for major semiconductor company;

  • Current work directly related to Ph.D. experience;

  • Four first author journals, and 2 second author journals;

  • Six first author conference papers, and 2 invited co-authored conference papers;

  • One invited co-authored book chapter;

  • Reviewed manuscripts for IEEE journals;

  • Currently on OPT with H1B applied;

  • Best poster in my graduate research;

  • State level award as best scientific paper in one of the conference.

A Ph.D. Student in Physics 

  • Ph.D. student in Physics from US University;

  • Four journal publications are accepted;

  • Two more papers are to be submitted;

  • 17 citations of all published journal papers;

  • Five talks and 4 poster presentations in different national and international conferences;

  • First prize in poster presentation at a national conference;

  • Membership in two organizations APS & ACS;

  • Research results appeared in national news media and web sites;

  • Provided 5 reference letters.

A Post-Doctoral Researcher for NASA

  • PhD in Aerospace Engineering;

  • Post doctoral researcher for NASA;

  • Working on several research projects for NASA and other entities during post-doctoral program;

  • Worked on several funded research projects;

  • Have 7 journal papers, most of them as first author;

  • A reviewer for technical papers submitted to 3 journals;

  • A nominated member of a Technical Committee for an internationally recognized aerospace organization;

  • On the thesis committee of a couple of graduate students;

  • Researcher work has been cited 25 times;

  • Have been listed as an innovator in a NASA technology report;

  • Have very good reference letters from several people in the academia, government (NASA) and industry.

A Medical Researcher in J1 Visa 

  • Awarded research fund by Japan Society for the Promotion of Science;

  • 18 scientific publications in international journals;

  • Have been cited many times by other researchers;

  • Reviewed article for other scientists in the field;

  • Have an offer for a Research Assistant Professor position in a US university;

  • A full member of Sigma Xi and professional member of American Heart Association;

  • Have given an invited talk at national conference.

A researcher working in the field of welding engineering
An individual working in the field of welding engineering had his NIW approved by the VSC. This person holds a Ph.D. and is playing a key role in several federally funded projects that have key industrial applications. As a result of his work, problems that had long plagued the field were resolved. He had published widely in the field's leading journals.

A researcher working in the field of environmental engineering
Another NIW was approved by the NSC for an individual in the process of pursuing his Ph.D. at a local institution. In particular, his research had a positive impact upon the field of environmental engineering. His research contributions included significant achievements both in his home country as well as in the United States. In addition to his three articles/abstracts, he had won several awards and had strong letters of support.

A researcher who had received a J-1 Waiver from NASA
The NSC approved a case for a researcher who had received a J-1 Waiver from NASA due to the recognized critical nature of his work to NASA and to the United States as a whole. Again, this person had several published articles and numerous letters of support were submitted on his behalf, including some from distinguished individuals at NASA.

A software Engineer, specialist in software optimization technology
The beneficiary has B.S. in Civil Engineering, M.S. in Structural Engineering, and Ph.D. in Computational Mechanics. The beneficiary has been responsible for cutting edge developments in software optimization. Such contributions benefit communications, defense, and industrial manufacturing industries, as well as provide economic benefits. In addition to the normal documentation, it was noted that the government had interest in funding his work.

Decision sciences and engineering sciences analyst
The Beneficiary has M.S. in Operations Research and Statistics, and Ph.D. in Decision Sciences and Engineering Sciences. Specialist in the evaluation of the economic consequence of capital investment at the individual and corporate level by identifying, analyzing, and managing risk factors inherent in the disbursement of credit through credit cards. The beneficiary has brought rare insights into financial research, which have helped meet the needs of credit systems research and education. Such contributions benefit the national economy by providing critical guidance to investors, financial planners, and consultants. In addition it was noted that the beneficiary was one of the few people in the world with extraordinary skills and ability in mathematical modeling of financial risk.

A researcher conducting medical research targeted the control of viral disease
The TSC approved a case concerned a researcher conducting medical research at a prestigious regional institution. In particular, the individual's work targeted the control of viral disease through the design of prophylactic and treatment regimens. Additionally, this person has enjoyed success in developing human monoclonal antibodies against viruses. This person had three first author publications and strong letters of support.

A medical researcher whose research has focused on childhood acute leukemia
The VSC approved a NIW petition of another medical researcher whose research has focused on childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia, the separation of hematogones from residual leukemic blasts, Hanta virus, and Korean hemorrhagic fever. This person had 10 articles/abstracts and strong letters of support from a wide range of researchers in the field, both in the U.S. and abroad. Additionally, this researcher had a strong record of accomplishments and was a proven leader in the field who had been given major supervisory authority in his field.

A medical doctor/researcher who conducted research in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 
An USCIS Service Center approved the NIW Petition of a medical doctor/researcher who conducted research in the area of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. The person's research has focused on quality of life issues and clinical trials relative to new therapeutic agents. This researcher also plays a key role in developing clinical measures of functional impairment and disability in various patient groups with the goal being the development of outcome measures in clinical trials. The person had published several papers in the field and had been a respected educator in his home country.

A researcher in heart disease
In another NSC approved NIW case, the individual had been conducting research funded by the NIH related to heart disease at one of the nation's premier medical institutions. He made a major discovery in his particular area of research and is currently investigating the mechanism behind his discovery. His research is applicable to clinical therapy research and is aimed at decreasing the incidence of heart disease as well as reducing the risk of transplantation rejection. He had approximately seven published articles and strong letters of support.

A polymer researcher
A polymer researcher's case was also approved by the NSC. This person had published five articles/ abstracts, had received a national award in her home country, and had strong letters of support. She had recently finished her studies and was employed by industry. Among her key contributions to the field was the development of the first scientific understanding of the key properties of a process as well as how to optimize those properties so as to maximize performance while minimizing cost.

A psychologist who had done groundbreaking work with a recognized world-leader in the field
An NIW was also granted by the NSC for a psychologist who had done groundbreaking work with a recognized world-leader in the field. The psychologist had been responsible for key advances in the field, which were integrated into components of tests commonly taken by children and adults relative to career selections. In addition to strong letters of support, she also had significant teaching and supervisory experience and a distinguished list of publications and presentations.

A researcher in diabetes during completing her Ph.D. 
Another NIW approved by the NSC involved a researcher completing her Ph.D. The focus of this person's research is diabetes. Because of her impressive contributions and achievements, she had received invitations to conduct her research at some of this nation's most prestigious universities. In addition to critical research findings in her home country, she had also conducted key research in a third country prior to coming to the United States.

A polymer scientist who had a Master Degree
The VSC approved the case of a polymer scientist who had a Master Degree. The individual had seven articles/abstracts, but had strong letters of support from both academia and industry. His research centered on the development of new materials for the next generation of semiconductor chips. He had also been responsible for the development of novel polymer and polymer ceramic composite materials for the monitoring of sterilization. His work was selected for presentation at leading conferences in his field.

A researcher working in DNA molecules
Another case was approved for a researcher working in the development and implementation of methodologies to manipulate DNA molecules with the goal of accomplishing surface-based DNA computations. Because of her key contributions in this field, her work was acknowledged in one of the field's leading publications. She has also been invited to address leading conferences in her field.

A chemistry Ph.D. student's case approved that originally had been denied
A National Interest Waiver case approved after filing an appeal, which originally had been denied by an USCIS Service Center. In this case, the person was engaged in chemistry research and had made significant contributions that benefited both academia and industry, both in the United States and in his home country. Furthermore, he had only two publications, but had accepted a post-doctoral position in an Ivy League institution, although he had not yet started that position. Additionally, he had strong letters of support that had an established a proven record of accomplishments throughout his career upon which those providing support letters had commented.

A Ph.D. student in the area of Cellular Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology
An USCIS Service Center approved a National Interest Waiver case for an individual with a Master Degree in pharmaceutical sciences who is currently pursing a Ph.D. in the area of Cellular Molecular Pharmacology and Physiology. She has played a pivotal role in research, including that related to the clean up as a result of precious metal mining. The focus of her research has been on the distribution of selenium in the avian and mammal populations. She has also conducted critical work on a government-funded project related to a family of calcium ion channels. In addition to having published several articles, she also had very strong letters of support.

A Ph.D. student conducting genome research at a National Laboratory
An USCIS Service Center approved a National Interest Waiver case for someone with a Ph.D. who is conducting genome research at a National Laboratory. His previous focus had been in the area of genome mapping and molecular genetics relative to soybean. His current focus is on the search for genes relative to humans. While his publications had not been extensive, he had several very strong letters of support.

An individual with a Master of Science Degree in Geology
The VSC approved a National Interest Waiver case for an individual with a Master of Science Degree in Geology who was conducting pioneering work related to eliminating environmental pollution resulting from scrap tires. While he did not have extensive publications there was support from the Ohio EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers.

A medical researcher conducting research at a leading U.S. institution
An USCIS Service Center has approved National Interest Waiver cases involving a medical researcher, holding the equivalent of an MD degree and having a Master Degree from her home country, conducting research at a leading U.S. institution was approved recently. This individual was acknowledged to play a critical role in a government-funded research project. The person had published articles, but many of those were published in journals in her home country.

A global product development chemist
She has undergraduate degree in pharmacy, a master degree in Analytical Chemistry, and two years of professional experience as a chemist for a flavor manufacturer. The petition included documentation of the applicant's ability including letters of recommendation from professors and experts in the flavor industry, but no relevant publications, other than several from China published prior to receiving her master degree, due to the company's non-disclosure policy. 

A medical informatics researcher in Massachusetts
He is specialized in medical informatics, had two fellowships in medical informatics, a diploma in radiation medicine, and a B.S. in medicine. The petition focused on his contributions to the development and dissemination of ground breaking research in the fields of radiation, nuclear medicine, and medical informatics and how invaluable these contributions have been to the medical, research, and teaching communities in the U.S. 

A software engineer in Maryland
He is specialized in information management systems, had a master degree in Business Management and a B.S. in Mathematics. The beneficiary contributed to the establishment of an information system for the National Institute of Health which processes federal research grants for medical research. 

A software engineer in Michigan
He is specialized in information management systems, had master degrees in industrial engineering and also in mechanical engineering, as well as an advanced diploma in computer applications. The beneficiary contributed to research in the field of information management systems which is invaluable to development of new information technologies in U.S. business and industry. 

A programmer/analyst working in the field on information retrieval
The national interest argument was based upon the beneficiary's ability to improve the U.S. environment , the economy, and the working conditions, education, and training of U.S. workers. His work focused on retrieving information which involves the disposal of radioactive waste. 

An Indian classical musician
He has more than 10 years of full-time experience as a tabla (drum) player and teacher who taught Indo-Caribbean musicians was approved by an USCIS Service Center. His work was found to be introducing an important musical tradition in the U.S. and helping to bridge the chasm between Hindus and Muslims since the tabla is an important instrument in both musical traditions.

A Filipino painter and art instructor
He has exceptional ability which was shown through awards, reviews, testimonial letters, photographs of applicant's works, a college bachelor's degree, and other items. National Interest was shown through a submitted program showing that the applicant's continuing presence in the U.S. would contribute to education and training programs for U.S. children and under-qualified workers. 



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