You May Qualify for EB1C, If You Are
Rehired and Transferred to U.S. Parent Company

Dr. William:

I worked with a German subsidiary of the American fortune 500 company as a Engineering Manager in Germany about 2 years ago. Now, I was approached by this employer with a job offer of Engineering Manager in U.S. Can I apply for U.S. Green Card in EB-1C multinational manager even if I have not been working for the American company last year?


The EB-1C petition requires that the alien beneficiary should have worked for the foreign subsidiary at least for one year, and you have not been working for this company more than one year by now. But there is more to the one-year employment requirement. 

If you worked with the American company in Germany for more than one year during the last three years, even if you have not been working for the American company until now, you will have such EB-1C immigration application opportunity, if you are rehired now and transferred to the U.S. parent company.







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