Can I Recapture L-1A Visa Time for One Year outside U.S., so I Can File EB-1C? 

Dr. William:

My L-1A visa will reach the 7th-year limit, and the EB-1/EB-2 visa numbers retrogressed for my country. Can I recapture the L-1A visa time for my one year working outside USA? so I may still have time to file EB-1C Green Card application?


If you are close to reaching the end of your 7th year, you should work with your employer to ask USCIS to recapture your time working outside the U.S. - to apply for extension of your L-1A time recapturing  your time abroad.

Also, your employer should immediately file I-140 alone to fix the priority date. When the EB-1C immigrant visa number becomes available, you should quickly file I-485 along with EAD and AP applications. You should watch closely the EB-1C visa number progression in the Visa Bulletins.










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