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Customers of our "Complete Do-It-Yourself Package" include researchers, engineers, professors, post-doctors, and Ph.D candidates in different fields and corporations. They depend on our services and information to assist in their petition preparation, evidence collection, cover/reference letter writing, and replying Request For Evidence (RFE) questions, in today’s tough immigration process. We offer general advice on common problems, and do not give specific advice to specific individuals about their particular problems.

Mahato, Research Scientist, Santa Barbara, California:

"Thank you for all your superb help through the past months! Please use the following as my testimonial: I just saw on the USCIS website that my I-140 EB1-OR petition was approved! Thank you so much for creating such a nice, comprehensive, and complete Do-It-Yourself kit. This kit answered all my questions and was a great help to me in preparing the whole application.

I received my I-140 approval in just FIVE days! (I had asked for USCIS Premium Processing Service.) This was after I was very frustrated with my attorney for not responding/replying to me for weeks even after taking money. I highly recommend this kit to anyone thinking about self-application for the EB1 category. The greencardapply.com staff was very helpful and supportive throughout."

Raghavan, Post-doc, Research Associate, Norfork, Ohio:

"Thanks for your help for my J-1 waiver application, which was approved by U.S. Department of State and USCIS by the end of May. Thereafter, I changed my visa type from J-1 to H-1B, and submitted I-140 application to USCIS by applying your very helpful packages. 

Now, My wife also find a job after my J-1 waiver approval, and got her H-1B visa. It is still hard to believe, but its true. I would recommend your service to anyone who needs it. You give us hope when we need it. Thanks Again. Thank you for all your help, which changed our life in American."

Fusaka, Senior Marketing Manager, LA, California:

"Client testimonials are what made me decide to use your services in securing my Green Card, so I felt it was my duty to write my own testimonial to help others who visit your site. I want to start by thanking you for the Green Card application process.

What the great DIY Kit and samples in the EB1-Multinational Executive and Manager DIY package. I successfully got my I-140 application approved based on the great information provided in the DIY package. It saves me a lot of time and money. Thank you so much."

Fan, Assistant Professor, Dunch, Oklahoma:

"I am very happy that I used your DIY package for preparing my I-140 petition based on EB1B. It was approved today under the outstanding professor category (35 days) by the TSC. From reading your EB1B kit, I learned that I can ask my employer to petition for me.

So I asked my employer as my sponsor for the EB1 petition. I will recommend your kits to all of my co-workers and friends. I also ordered the I-485 package from you which includes a long list of forms. I wish to know, among those forms which ones of them I must submit TOGETHER with I-485, which one I need to submit only after being requested? Thank you so much!"

Mehta, Research Associate, Baton Rouge , Louisiana:

"First, I would like to thank you very much from my heart that your complete Do It Yourself package help me a lot get my EB1A Form I-140 approved. I used your package for From I-485 application too and its in process. I have one general question about EAD. I and my wife applied for EAD together with our I-485 form. It's now more than one month from the date of application receipt. Last week my wife got her EAD card but I did not get mine.

All other documents and notice we got together for all my family members. I do not know what happens this time. My guess mine was lost some where in mail. Could you please suggest me the best option that I have to do in this situation. By the way I am in now H-1B. Thank you very much again for help."

Long, Senior Engineer, Roslyn, New York:

"I have just received a notice that our NIW based Form I-140 application has been approved. We couldn't have done it without your excellent DIY package. Thank you very much for your great help for us! I have a question about advanced parole that is filed with from I-485 application.

I will probably change job before I-485 is approved and before 180 days, but after advanced parole is approved. Can I use advance parole to do international travel for the new job, before I receive any response with regard to my I-485 application?"

Zhang, Visiting Scientist, South Barrington, Illinois:

"Today, I got email that my NIW I-140 has been approved. Without your help, it is very difficult for my family to go through this long process. Thank you very much for your assistance for my RFE of NIW application before. I sincerely appreciate the information you have provided.

Your assistance is invaluable to my petition. According to your kit, I rewrote the RFE cover letter. Since the RFE time is very limited, I have to send it to USCIS TSC before that Friday to match the deadline. Your magnificent package made my American Dream possible! Many many thanks."

Sonnenberg, PhD student, Huntington Beach, California:

"I am a PhD student with a J-1 visa and my I-140 NIW self-petition recently got approved. Thanks you so much for your truly helpful package! I am very happy with your services. I am looking at your I-485 application DIY package now, and one of the documents I need is an Employment Letter.

As a PhD student I am working as a Graduate Research Assistant and get paid a stipend by my University (as a W-2). Would this count as Employment, and can I use that as Employment Letter, even though I am really a student and did a self-petition? I look forward to hear back from you! You have been of great help."

Nihalani, Visiting Scholar, Rochester, New York:

"I just got a letter from USCIS with the approval of my I-140 application. I did it through your terrific I-140 Extraordinary Ability package. Thank you very much, I really appreciate the information in the package and your outstanding services. It was very clear and to the point.

Now, I want know what I should do next. I have been approved for the EB1 extraordinary status but I am still on an active J1 visa. What should be my next step to get Green Card. Do I have to get a J1 waiver or am I eligible based on EB1 approval for a I-485 adjustment of status. Please help. I will be very grateful if you could help me with this. Thanks again."

Puranik, System Administrator, Alexandria, Virginia:

"I wanted to communicate the good news that my Green Card I-485 was finally approved and I received my welcoming letter and card. Thank you very much for your superb help and Do-It-Yourself packages in this process! My question now is regarding my wife and kids I-485 that I applied the same day I sent my I-485.

The first request sent to us about them was the biometric appointment that it was done and updated in the USCIS system the following day. How long would be taken their approval if my case the principal beneficiary is already approve? Again, thank you very much for your help."

Panna, Research Scientist, Jupiter, Florida:

"Thank you again for the approval of my EB-1A petition, I am very excited that my self-petition EB1-Extraordinary Application case was approved in a short time. I really appreciate your Do-It-Yourself package and your help greatly. You have demonstrated your professionalism and thoroughness. Now, I know that I have chosen the correct way for my Green Card application, not an expensive law firm after contacting more than 5 law firms.

Your experience and accuracy included in the DIY package plays a very important role for my application success. Please be free to use this e-mail, and I have no reservation to recommend your exceptional service to others."

Bhalchandra, Senior Research Engineer, Santa Fe, New Mexico:

"I want to take this opportunity to thank you very much for your help for my self-petition EB-1A application. I would have to wait much longer time for the approval of my National Interest Waiver application if I went through with my employer's lawyer, then the desperately long queue for I-485 filing. Although the failure of my NIW application with my employer's lawyer is not a total disaster, it made me mentally feeling difficult for my work and life.

I am very glad to have been recommended to you by my friend. I am definitely going to recommend you to all my colleagues. I have been very impressed with the way you have made the EB1A application so smooth and simple, and you answered all my questions."


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